New band

Folk House Dec 14 2018.jpg

This last year has seen some exciting developments in the Anna Kissell band with new musical collaborators, Marvin (guitar) and Kate (drums), joining Alan (bass) and myself to form a new creative team. We’ve been going through the archive together, reworking old material, rehearsing new material and generally creating a bit more of a developed, full band sound together. Catch us playing at the Cube, Bristol, on January 19th supporting Darren Hayman to see what we’ve been up to


In October, I travelled to Barcelona to play in a beautiful bar under an old street in Gracia. I was made so very welcome by the owners and all the locals who came to see me play. They created the kind of pin-drop, perfect quiet that makes playing a solo acoustic set a complete privilege and a kind of two-way magical experience. Not having played outside the UK before, I was also blown away by how much of a connection it is possible to make across culture and language. I really don't speak any Catalan (which is very much the local tongue) but I did manage to sing 4 lines of a Spanish spiritual! I can't wait to go back and take some bandmates to play again there soon...

Recording with The Island Folk Choir

Island Folk recording.jpg

Back in August some of the lovely humans from The Island Folk Choir came over to the Bare Bones studio to help with the recording of forthcoming new single, 'Swallows'. The aim, as in all Bare Bones' endeavours, was to capture a real and beautiful moment in time: people playing together, the sound of the room, the weather and whoever happens to be passing by. It was pretty ambitious assembling the choir (including real, live baby mascot), full band and instruments into the space along with the reel to reel tape recorder- but we did it! The track is now being mastered and is due for release as a split-single alongside Ruth Gordon's magical song, 'Belly of the Beast' recorded on the same day.

Watch this space!