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Anna Kissell is a singer songwriter whose music marries a tender openness with a fierce soul. Hushed and dark, her folk-lullabies unfold slowly with melodies that linger long after the song’s end. 

Born in the village of Eye, then thrust into the London suburbs, Anna’s childhood was a series of musical awakenings. Beginning with the violin she found her own, deeply expressive way of playing at a young age. Later she discovered singing during a torrid teenage rebellion spent in rowdy churches. Having devoted her voice and violin to accompanying various folk and acoustic artists over the years since, Anna has now turned her hand to writing her own material. 

Anna lives in Bristol and is in the process of recording her debut album. She remains busy writing, performing and collaborating with other local artists. In her live performances, Anna is often joined by friends whose voices make up 'The Unsung Chorus'. Her own voice rides naturally over hypnotic guitar picking, drawing listeners into otherworldly dreamscapes, inviting them to lie down, stretch out and forget time.


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by Anna Kissell